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This product is Obsolete means that both the product and download files are obsolete and are AS IS (in mature status and are no longer updated). Limited Technical Support available.


DeviceMaster PROFINET CbA Firmware

Name File Description

PROFINET CbA firmware


Supports 1-port models.


You may need to upload PROFINET CbA firmware on the DeviceMaster UP using PortVision Plus before configuring the ports.


Refer to the PROFINET CbA User Guide for detailed information about PROFINET CbA and configuration.



Bootloader is the RedBoot operating system that runs the device during the power on phase, which then starts the default application on the DeviceMaster UP.


You should check the Bootloader version and if necessary, update Bootloader.


You can review the firmware History file for the latest updates and enhancements.

PortVision Plus

Operating System Name File Description

Windows 7


Windows Server 2008


Windows Vista


Windows Server 2003


Windows XP



PortVision Plus Plus


You can use PortVision Plus to identify, configure, update, and manage the DeviceMaster UP.

Windows 2000

PortVision Plus


You can use the legacy version of PortVision Plus to identify, configure, update, and manage the DeviceMaster UP.

DeviceMaster PROFINET CbA Documentation

Name File Description

PROFINET CbA Installation Quick Start

Rev E

Installation and configuration information for PROFINET CbA.

DeviceMaster UP Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide

Rev K

Provides installation and firmware configuration information using PortVision Plus.


Rev D

Provides information about configuring serial ports and the programming interface.