Make sure that you download the appropriate firmware and files for your model.

This page supports the ES9528-XT V2 with an RJ45 console port.


RocketLinx ES9528-XT V2

Software Operating System Description File

PortVision DX

Windows XP SP3 through Windows 10

Use PortVision DX to manage the ES8510-XT on your network and program the IP address information. In addition, use PortVision DX to upgrade the firmware and bootloader.




You can download the MIB file for the ES9528-XT.


Configuration Web Page Firmware v2.1a
Bootloader v2.0.0.6


Please contact Pepperl + Fuchs Technical Support for firmware by selecting the Contact Us tab.

RocketLinx ES9528-XT V2 Documentation

Document Description File

RocketLinx ES9528-XT Quick Start
RJ45 Console Port

Provides an installation and configuration overview.
If you need assistance using PortVision DX, refer to the help system.

Rev A

RocketLinx ES9528-XT
RJ45 Console Port

Contains detailed installation procedures and configuration information.

Rev A